The day of the convention remember to…


Be polite –Ask permission before taking a picture of someone’s costume.

Have fun –It is difficult to recall when you are standing in a long line or caught in a ComiCrowd {(n.) a herd of people moving in no particular direction, typically defying logic}, but keep in mind you are one of the lucky ones that scored a golden ticket, so enjoy it!

Avoid traffic -Take a shuttle to the Convention Center. 2015 SDCC Shuttle Schedule

Eat –This may seem like a silly entry, but it is easy to get wrapped up in all the excitement and realize it is 3pm and you haven’t eaten a thing. The Convention Center provides limited food choices. The food trucks or nearby restaurants offer a wide selection of tasty food. SDCC Restaurant Guide

Plan your day –Review the program schedule beforehand and create a print out for the panels you wish to see. Another option is the San Diego Comic-Con App which features the complete program schedule, plus up-to-date information.  – SDCC Exclusives lines start to form earlier and earlier every year.

Wear sunscreen –It is sunny here in San Diego and you can easily get sun burnt on an overcast day. If you venture outside the convention in search of food or find yourself in an outside line without a tent, be prepared with a hat and sunglasses.

Pack a backpack –A list of supplies is provided here:Preparing for Comic-Con