Welcome to Balen!

Created by mighty Gods, Balen teems with sea-creatures, dragons and genetic-hybrids. Echoes of the Gods’ own characteristics infuse the races of this land. The goddess Athena introduced genetically enhanced humans into this realm nearly two centuries ago. These second generation humans had to learn their place in this world or were soon parted from it. Born into the land of the Wrathic Warriors, Psi ascended swiftly through the savage ranks. With a path forged in blood, she now commands the deadliest military team on Balen.


On a quest for the gods, Psi journeys into the realm of the dead. But as she descends further, Psi learns the gods are not as benevolent as she once believed. Now, Psi must risk her life for gods she no longer trusts or face the wrath of Zeus!

MERAKI #1 -The start of our 12-Issue story arc!

The lands of Balen have turned dry, suffering from an extreme drought. Desperate for water Psi and her team are forced to travel to Jupinar. When the village Elder refuses to help and marauders attack, will Psi order her team to fight or let the village burn?

MERAKI #2 -Now on Kickstarter!

Only hours remian before Psi and her team to reach the capital, when the royal gaurds swarm the group. Are they friend or foe? Cet ready for Issue 2!