The night before the convention remember to pack…

SDCC pack

Water bottle –It’s cost-effective and eco-friendly to bring your own water. Here is a link for a light weight water bottle:  Vapur

Hand sanitizer –Everything at the conventions has been touched at least 1,000x before you touched it!

Cash –Some artists and booths only take cash. Avoid the ATM fee and another line by bringing some cash with you.

Markers (black & silver) –For autographs!

Comic book whiteboards –They are the perfect size for a commission drawing by your favorite artist.

Comic book boards with bags –Just in case you are at comic-con for comics. Boards and bags

Poster tube –There is nothing more nerve-racking than carrying a new artwork print through a comic-con crowd. Save yourself some stress, buy a poster tube. Travel poster tube

Chair –At one point or another you will be sitting in a line, why not be comfortable. Here are two links for chairs to consider: Travel chair or REI Flex chair

Phone charger –Your phone is a lifeline to the outside world (when you can get reception). Astro phone charger

Phone –During down time, you can use it to upload all your amazing pictures, check how much the Hasbro toys are selling for, or check your email. They are far lighter than carrying around your laptop computer. By the end of the day, your pack will feel like you are lugging around a 100 pound weight, leave the heavy stuff behind.

-There are a few apps you might want to download, along with a game or two (have I mentioned the lines yet?!). If you have a Twitter account, there are many threads that provide useful information. Here is a helpful app:

Snacks –There are many places to eat in and around the convention center, but it’s always nice to have a treat or two while waiting in a line.

Notebook and pen –You may want to take some notes during a few panels. Once again, you can bring your laptop, but keep in mind the weight it will add to your pack.

Camera –Phones are convenient, but for high-quality pictures consider bringing a camera.

Aspirin –Headaches happen, be prepared!