MERAKI Comic Starter Pack – Include Issue 0, Issue 1 and Sketch Book


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Bundle and save! Get the standard copy cover of MERAKI issue 1, the Sketch Book, AND the foil limited edition purple (only 1000 printed copies) variant cover of Issue 0 -Descent to the Underworld!

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Ready to start your MERAKI Adventure? This starter pack contains our first stand-alone 32-page MERAKI Issue 0: Descent to the Underworld. And to keep the fun going we threw in MERAKI Issue 1 of our 12-issue story arc. But wait, there is more! We also included Tau’s Sketch Book. Written by one of the characters in the series, this book gives an inside look into the world of MERAKI.



ISSUE 0: Descent to the Underworld
Our story follows Psi, as she journeys into the Underworld on a quest of the Gods, to retrieve the blood of Cronus. But the further she descends through the realms of the dead, the more she discovers the Gods are not as benevolent as she once believed. Now Psi must risk her life to save Gods she no longer trusts or face the wrath of Zeus!

ISSUE 1: First of the 12 issue Series
The lands of Balen have turned dry, suffering from an extreme drought. Desperate for water Psi and her team are forced to travel to Jupinar. When the village Elder refuses to help and marauders attack, will Psi order her team to fight or let the village burn?

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