Sure WonderCon isn’t as big or flashy as ComicCon, but here are some reasons why it is better:


Tickets don’t sell out immediately
There is no edge of your seat, nail biting or promising your first born for entry into WonderCon (Yes, I’m talking to you ComicCon and your spinning blue circle of mockery!).

Informative panels
If you have any desire to work in the comic book industry, there are many panels worth checking out: The Art of the Pitch, Comic Book Law School®, Comic Marketing and PR 101, etc.

Entertainment panels
There are lines for these type of panels, but you will not have to spend an entire night outside waiting for them.

It is easier to get your hands on exclusives at WonderCon. Here is a link to the complete list:

Small Crowds
With 60,000 attendees at WonderCon in 2014, it was a leisurely stroll in the park compared to the 130,000 packed in at ComicCon.
With smaller crowds, it is less likely you will get stuck in the herd, next to some guy who has obviously (observed through sight and smell) been wearing the same costume for the last four days. Smaller crowds are one of the greatest perks of WonderCon!

Before you attend WonderCon adjust your expectations. Do not attend this convention thinking it will be similar to ComicCon, you will be disappointed. Instead, think of it as a great place for comic resources with light entertainment.