The Greek word, meraki means to put your heart and soul into your creation. I knew instantly that it was going to be the name of my series. When I created MERAKI, I didn’t realize how important it was for our community. Sometimes I think the internet is good at making us feel connected and alone, all at the same time. It is always heartwarming to hear people who have connected with MERAKI and our broken hero. And now I extend my hand to you, and welcome you to the world of MERAKI!

MERAKI Lesbian Comic Book Hero - MERAKI

Lead Lesbian Hero

I created MERAKI, because I wanted to see more LGBTQ+ characters. Representation matters for our community. The characters in MERAKI are funny, caring, intelligent, flawed, and gay. They are simply Human. Their sexuality is a part of them, but it is only part of their story.

Our comic book series follows Psi and her team through this savage world infused with Greek Mythology.

Born into the land of Wrathic Warriors, Psi ascended swiftly through the savage ranks. Her path forged in blood, she now commands the deadliest military team on Balen. This is her story!!

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